Staff augmentation: all you need to know about it

Staff augmentation is one of the new favorite practices of all companies (small, medium, and large). It’s the opportunity to access the best professionals from different industries and the world to make them part of your team.

In a few words, staff augmentation:

It’s a model where you hire specific professionals to fill short-term positions within your company.
It has been used for IT and development purposes, but you can apply it to marketing, financing, and even team/company management.

Specialists become part of your team and cooperate with your company’s employees.

Benefits of staff augmentation

  • One of the most significant benefits is that you can hire people according to the specific needs of your business. And also temporarily.
  • It allows you to choose the most qualified people in a much more comprehensive territorial range than your city.
  • You can save money over time by avoiding problems (like cybersecurity). You achieve this with a temporary team that, if you wish, would not even work full time, so you free yourself from certain labor liabilities.
  • You save all the logistics of hiring a new member of your internal team.
  • You can constantly evaluate the person and add their knowledge and experience to your internal team.
  • Flexibility to choose the talents involved in your business projects.
  • Increase your team’s capacities and value.

Steps to augment your technology and software development team

Step 1: Choose the right partner

To do this, study the company’s reputation, offer, experience with other clients, even those in your same industry, years of experience, and all the aspects you consider necessary, and that will assure you that it is the right technology partner for your need.

Step 2: Choose the staff augmentation model that suits you best

Staffing is a flexible modality that you can tailor to your needs.

Determine and evaluate what you need and the scope of the service. This will allow you to negotiate favorable hiring conditions.

There are many staffing models, and some of them are sure to suit you.

Step 3: Clarify your goals and KPIs

This point is based on knowing what you expect to achieve with the professional you hire, establishing SMART goals with their incorporation, and, more importantly, defining how you will evaluate the performance of the functions and the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of those objectives.

Step 4: Establishes and prioritizes the channels of communication with the staff member

Communication is the basis of all human relationships, including work relationships.

A team that does not communicate well is inefficient and does not meet its objectives.

The professional, although independent, must be incorporated into the ecosystems of your team and provide sufficient channels of communication and feedback so that he can perform his work successfully.

Step 5: Think about the maintenance plan

A maintenance plan includes reorganizing the team after retiring the contracted professional. How to divide responsibilities and activities.

At Dividev, we offer talent from Latin America

Why Latin America?

  • Because it has the right timezone with you in US.
  • We have the higher universities, specially in Argentina
  • For cost-saving puporses (-55%)

Why us for staff augmentation services? Dividev

  • We hire the right engineers filtering the best talent with our excellent selection process. The result is a cost-effective solution compared to hiring American talent of the same caliber.
  • We pay monthly to your team members and cover all local government taxes for you. Do not worry about the hiring process, unemployment, finances, payroll, IT infrastructure or legal problems.
  • We set up a complete professional work station ready to join your team. We create an environment for your brand in our offices. Our candidates become a true member of your team. It will be your new site in LATAM!

Let’s take a first look at team augmentation:

It’s an outsourcing strategy that allows you to attach a limited talent pool to your technology team based on your internal needs.

It is an outsourcing modality similar to staffing but more oriented towards small teams for specific needs.

The companies with this service (like Dividev) provide a small group of highly qualified professionals with particular subject matter expertise for a specific project or even on a long-term basis.

Although it seems a synonym for staff augmentation at first glance, it is not, and in the next post, we will expand a little more on this figure [so that you can make a strategic decision on the matter, which is profitable for your company.

Are you clear about staff augmentation as a way to hire and expand your internal team? If not, we have enabled a contact form so that you can clarify your doubts about the subject or our services.


Top 7 attributes to look for in a software development partner

A common need for all industries is the automation of processes or the development of software solutions that improve productivity, and resource use, among other internal and external activities.

This is why the figure of technology partners has become so popular. But with so much to offer in the market, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are 7 attributes to look for in a software development partner. Read on!

First, let’s learn: what types of technology partners can we get in the market?

The world of software is vast. That’s why you can find: 

  • Saas companies provide a software solution (already built) to solve some challenges of your business, such as financial management, communication, and resource planning. 
  • Software development companies provide complete teams of developers, designers, Q/As, project managers, and a whole structure that you hire to develop one or several software solutions for you. 
  • Staffing: It’s a service from a professional who will be part of your software project development. You hire for a limited time to complement the work of your internal technology team. 

There are other subdivisions within this category, such as nearshoring, offshoring, and delivery teams.

You must evaluate your current status and recognize which of these modalities suits you best. 

Now, let’s get to know 7 attributes to look for in a software development partner

1: Workflow:

What methodologies and frameworks do they use. Be sure that they have enough communication instances. Do They allow you to continuously and transparently monitor the project’s development? They handle deadlines, what are their cooperation and teamwork policies if you can integrate a product owner or a member of your company into the development and testing, etc.

All these aspects are part of the workflow, and you must ensure that your software provider is compatible with your philosophy and expectations.

2: Team talents

All companies want the best professionals within their ranks. Still, before hiring someone, it is always good to be sure that the professionals involved have the proper knowledge and experience, even if they have worked on projects similar to yours.

Feel free to check the name or a profile such as LinkedIn to verify this information.

For example: if you are going to develop a native iOS application, make sure that the team you hire is all specialists in the field and, for example, do not have a flutter programmer instead of a native one.

Having the best talent pool is an essential part of the success of a software project.

3: Tech stack and framework

This attribute is related to the first one, but it is so important that it deserves to be considered in particular.

Discover if your team manages agile methodologies such as SCRUM, or traditional ones, tools for managing teams, project instances, and even the ones used to store information, infrastructure, and devices. All this information can help you decide if a group or professional is the right for your project.

4: Time zone

This may seem like a soft quality, but it’s more important than you think.

Having a software development team with the same or similar time zone to yours will guarantee better communication, fluid feedback, you will be able to check changes and improvements on time, and many other benefits.

The good thing about having remote teams is the possibility of handling this. Ask your supplier for a team with a time zone that works for you.

5: English proficiency

English is the universal language. Most software development teams are multicultural.

You see professionals from many countries interacting in a working ecosystem. This has many advantages, but they must also ensure minimum operating conditions, and English language skills are one of that conditions.

Make sure that all team members can communicate perfectly, and if you feel comfortable with English, this is the language you should guarantee.

This way, you will avoid misunderstandings, and the final result will be more satisfactory.

6: Portfolio and previous experience

It is always valuable to know the experience of others with the equipment you hope to hire.

Knowing what problems they solved, how they did it, what technologies they used, and their success stories will allow you to hire a little more confidence in the excellent experience that others had with that company or professional.

It is a plus if they have previous experience developing software solutions in your industry.

7: Contingency plans and security protocols

This is a critical topic. Do you have standardized procedures to face challenges and difficulties? How do you handle cybersecurity? Confidentiality? Do you have crisis recovery management?

If the answer is yes, you can consider this software development partner as a good option.

In Dividev, we can be your allies under two modalities:

A software development team and staffing. Specifically in the nearshoring version. You can click here if you want to know our attributes as partners.

These are only 7 attributes to look for in a software development partner, but there could be many more. The more attributes they can offer you, the better. But remember: these qualities must be aligned to your philosophy and needs for the results to be satisfactory. What are you waiting for to get started?