What is the digital transformation of your business really about?

The digital transformation of your business is perhaps the most famous phrase of the last three years, but are you 100% aware of what it means? Moreover, do you know the scope it has?

In this post, we want to synthesize actions, debunk myths and define the path to total digital transformation in the simplest way possible. Read on!

In general, what is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is adopting technology as part of your company’s processes to evolve at the same speed as your customers, staff, and market needs.

And today, digital transformation has evolved to apply to products and even company assets to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and discover new monetization opportunities. But mainly to bring more value to customers and to be able to stand out from the competition for it.

Key technologies to consider for the digital transformation of your business

* AI:

You can program intelligent algorithms to perform repetitive activities with less margin for error and involving more data than a human can handle.

Artificial intelligence is the best ally of today’s successful companies, even those that use world-class business tools but allow customization.

* Cloud computing

Cloud hosting makes it easy to access the data and tools you need. And you can migrate or transform them quickly and easily.

Especially after the pandemic, we understood that cloud environments are necessary for a company’s operations never to stop, no matter where you or your team members are located.

* Machine learning

Tools that analyze data and offer you results, or even predictions, help you make strategic decisions in crucial areas for the growth of your business, such as sales, marketing, and product/service development, among others.

Other technologies that you can implement for the digital transformation of your business are IoT, blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Do I need to develop a software tool from zero to transform my business digitally?

The answer is no. Although technologies such as artificial intelligence are ideal for developing customized solutions from zero, the truth is that you can digitally transform your business by implementing world-class business solutions, which many use.

You can use these tools as standard, but you can also customize them to a certain level, and some functional consultants can help you get the most out of them.

You must start incorporating technology into your business processes and activities to maximize results and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Some statistics in favor of digital transformation in your business

​✅By 2025, 60% of organizations will capitalize on an enterprise-wide and ecosystem approach to automation with low-code platforms.

​✅By 2023, 90% of global organizations will prioritize investments in digital tools to increase digital transformation in their business.

​✅87% of companies expect digital transformation to positively impact the experience and productivity of their internal collaborators.

The digital transformation of your business is a necessary step. To take it firmly, rely on professionals who offer consulting, implementation, and customization of world-class tools and develop custom tools from scratch to build a solid and functional system. Are you ready to meet one?


Reasons why you should work with Dividev as a software development company

Do you know Dividev as a software development company?

Technology and software development has become a primary necessity for business and everyday life.

Could you conceive of your company’s processes without email communication, computers, inventory management tools, location mapping, or data storage in the cloud? The answer is most likely no.

We entrust activities to technology tools because they complement human labor, free us from many small (but essential) responsibilities, and allow us to focus on other more transcendental activities, such as business strategies.

Just as you cannot conceive your business without commercial software tools, when you get to know the benefits of a customized tool developed by a software development company like Dividev, you will be amazed by the results you can obtain. Read on and discover them.

About Dividev as a software development company:

We are a digitally company that helps organizations that want to innovate and achieve their technological transformation.

  • Innovation: It is an essential pillar in our software company, which is all about capturing our customers’ ideas, taking them to their full potential, and effectively transforming it in cost-effective and scalable solutions.
  • Digitally native: We are a company that offers technology teams or highly skilled professionals under the nearshore modality. We have 25 years of experience supporting digitally USA & World Class clients through Development Centers in the Americas.
  • Technological transformation: Our focus is on growing our customers through software solutions based on artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and other intelligent and robust technologies.

Learn about our value proposition as a software company

  1. We use agile frameworks of innovation and software development to guarantee you tailor-made solutions that are timely and exceed your expectations.
  2. Use artificial intelligence, robust technology stacks, and high-level professionals to achieve the best possible result in each of the implementations and solutions we develop.
  3. The best possible cost-benefit ratio. We work with the nearshore modality because it allows us to access high-level professionals in Latin America, so they share similar cultures, same time zone, and language (English) with you.

Our development process

Dividev provides your company with:

Data Science Services that includes

  • Data Science & Analytics
  • Data Strategy
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Engineering & Architecture

Software development solutions

  • Software Architecture
  • Proof of Concept
  • Digital Product Development
  • User Testing
  • Consulting
  • Software Testing
  • Idea & Conceptualization
  • UX Design


  • Delivery Teams
  • IT Staff Augmentation
  • Extended Teams
  • Dedicated Teams

Are you in any of these industries?

We are your allies in technology. If you have any additional questions about Dividev as a software development company, let us schedule a call so we can clarify them and help you. Dream it, make IT.


Top Data Science Courses and Workshops to see (2022)

Why is it important to know Data Science courses and workshops? The most valuable asset of the present and the future is information. We generate data through our searches, consumption, locations, interactions, and other actions that we all have daily on the Internet. 

Information has revolutionized the world since the arrival of search engines like Google and social networks. That is why whoever wants to capitalize on a market must collect data about their customers, but it is necessary to know what to do with it too. 

This is how data science became one of the most decisive disciplines for the commercial area of all industries in the world. Its mix of technology and software development makes the discipline challenges. 

We created a compendium of top Data Science courses and workshops that we consider valuable for anyone interested in data science because of:

✅Have a digital business

✅Plans to have one

✅Is a digital freelancer

✅IT or Marketing Manager 

✅The leader within a company

✅Participate in decision making

✅Or even want a promotion, making the company you are part of more and more PRODUCTIVE.

But first, let’s talk about what is data science?

It is an artificial intelligence technique where large volumes of information are collected and analyzed and then is determined the best way to handle and interpret it.

What is the purpose of data science?

Discover trends, predict the future, and anticipate it with strategic decisions.

This discipline combines software development techniques, computation, probabilities, management, and even new technologies such as machine learning.

It is presumed that specialists in this field will be the most demanded in a few years, along with software developers and marketers.

Suppose you do not want to be one of them, but you are part of a company. In that case, you must know about data science to take advantage of its potential or hire the right person who will take the productivity of your business to stratospheric levels with the help of the data management of your customers.

As we are clear about the importance of knowledge, we continue to move forward with the proposals you can get today in the data science training market. ​⬇️​

Top 5 Data Science Courses and Workshops this 2022

Data Science Specialization – JHU – Coursera

John Hopkins University supports this training.

There are ten introductory courses to data science as a discipline.

You will learn:

The entire data science process, from acquisition to publication.

You will learn about the Github repository to manage data science projects. And perform regression analysis, least squares, and inference using regression models.

You will learn basic concepts, the right questions to ask to drive the process, and the necessary tools. And you will develop a final project to apply all the skills learned by building a data product using real-world data.

In the end, you will be able to use this first project as a portfolio.

Introduction to Data Science for Metis

Although this course is introductory, it requires participants to have basic knowledge of Python and be familiar with the basic concepts of statistics and linear algebra, such as mean, median, mode, standard deviation, correlation, and the difference between a vector and a matrix.

This is a Bootcamp where you will learn the basics of data science, the leading technologies, the principles of machine learning, and even have a simple but practical coding experience.

It is designed for six weeks and is 100% online.

Like the previous one, you will develop a final project, which you can use as a portfolio.

Data Science: Machine Learning

This course is endorsed by Harvard University.

This introductory course is part of the university’s Data Science Professional Certification Program. In it, you will learn popular machine learning algorithms, principal component analysis, and regularization by building a movie recommendation system.

Its focus is on machine learning under the same logical scheme that data solutions are built.

You will learn about training data and how to use a dataset to discover potentially predictive relationships.

You will also learn about overtraining and techniques to avoid it, such as cross-validation.

The duration is 8 weeks at 2-4 hours per week.

Do you motivated to give it a try?

Introduction to Machine Learning Course

As we mentioned in the previous course, machine learning principles are related to data science. In fact, it is advisable to learn both together to understand the processes better.

Therefore, we did not want to overlook a course on this discipline in our list of recommendations.

You will learn the complete data research process through a machine learning lens. You will be able to extract and identify useful features that better represent your data, some of the essential machine learning algorithms, and how to evaluate the performance of your machine learning algorithms.

This is a free, 10-week beginner course sponsored by UDACITY.

1st steps in Data Science, ML & AI | Free Workshop | Dividev

We could not leave out our Workshop on Data Science, Machine learning, and AI, all fundamental concepts related to the predictive analysis of data and a company’s success.

Our specialists prepared ten videos in which you can learn basic concepts of these disciplines. Application models, technologies, and many valuable tools to start your career as an analyst and data scientist, or even make the right decision about the team you will have in your company.

As we commented before, it is not depreciable knowledge because it represents the present and future productivity of many companies.

To be able to predict your customers’ behavior to offer them solutions.
Anticipate some changes in the industry to make strategic decisions that will help you be more efficient in your processes.

These are just some of the advantages we want you to take advantage of with our Workshop.

You can enjoy it HERE.

Data science applies to all industries without exception.

Imagine being able to predict another pandemic and, this time, being prepared? That’s the power of data science and another concept we’ll look at another time: big data.

We invite you to get trained in the subject with any courses and workshops on data science that we recommend. Once you know about it, you can learn about our offerings and consider them based on your knowledge. We are at your service to support you in this area.


Off-the-shelf vs Custom software solutions: What’s the best option for my logistics process?

An off-the-shelf vs customized solution? Have you had this question in your company? Most likely, yes. And the truth is that there is no correct answer. Depending on your situation, one solution or the other will be more convenient. 

Here are a couple of details on this topic, and we apply them to your company’s logistics processes. Let’s compare Off-the-shelf vs. Custom software solutions.

What can you get from commercial software for your logistics process?

  • A software solution more economical than the customized
  • Tools designed for many different types of users
  • Implementation and installation are standardized
  • Tools that many people know how to use because many companies use them, regardless of their industry.
  • Customization of functions is limited.
  • The design does not necessarily reflect your company’s structure, personality, and vision. 
  • Tools that don’t work for particular processes or activities of your company
  • You may not need several functions, but if you don’t mind underutilizing them, no problem. 
  • Renewal of licenses or fees periodically.
  • If you implement a solution, it may not be compatible with your systems. It is an aspect that you should consider before hiring one.

This is what you get from a customized software solution

  • You will get a customized solution for the processes, activities, and needs of your logistics process.
  • You are the owner and administrator of the tool developed, so it’s in your hands to upgrade it whenever you consider or launch it to the market as a specific tool for your industry. Under that premise, you would turn your solution into a SaaS product. 
  • You will need more time and money initially, but you will save annual payments or license renewals in the long run.
  • You avoid the risk of obsolescence and, even worse, the cancellation of tools because the software depends 100% on you. 
  • It is a scalable tool.
  • It would help if you took the time to choose the right team of developers and the right software factory because, to a large extent, the tool’s success depends on it. 
  • You forget the problems of incompatibility between tools because you are the one who develops the system. 
  • You can choose the tech stack. 
  • The development process is a little later (even with agile methodologies).

What is best for a logistics process? Custom or commercial software?

We begin this point by clarifying that all situations and needs are particular. It would be best to make a final decision, and you are accompanied by the opinion of an expert in the field. Still, a couple of factors can give you a clue of what you need. 

Use it commercially:

✅When your initial investment is very low

✅ In case your logistics process is 100% standard (for all industries).

✅If you have a technology department and programmers within your company. 

✅Time or efficiency differentiation is not a necessary value for your company. 

✅Preferably if your offer is B2B

Develop it customized: 

✅If you are interested in optimizing your logistics activities continuously. 

✅You work with large volumes of customers

✅When your offer is B2C 

✅Your logistics process has specific activities outside the conventional ones. 

✅If you have different technologies within your company’s system and you would like to unify them and make them compatible.

✅You want to scale the tool 

✅Do not have a large technology team (it will always be necessary).

✅If you are concerned about cybersecurity issues 

✅You want to capitalize on the market (it is much more difficult to achieve this with conventional tools). 

✅If you are interested in monetizing your product in the long term.

Dividev is the software factory that will help you develop your custom software tool successfully

We are a team motivated by innovation, working only with the best technologies available in the market. 

You will be interested to see what data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other tools will do for your logistics process. 
Sound it out, and we’ll develop it for you. If you only need consulting for the moment, we can also support you! Contact us, and we will gladly help you decide what best suits your business between developing an off-the-shelf vs. customized logistics software solution.


Before&After: Application of Data Science in the Tourism Industry

Imagine that you can know all the critical data about your ideal client, their interests, pain points, desires, emotional states, searches, etc. Then you interpret this information, and you can predict their response because you build a travel offer according to their current state. 

This guarantees a purchase and, more than that, loyalty because you hit the nail on the head with what they were expecting. 

Although this premise seems to be taken out of a science fiction movie, it is possible thanks to artificial intelligence and data analysis as a solution within this intelligent world of technologies. 

In the tourism industry, affected by the effects of the pandemic, this could mean the difference between recovering in the short or long term. Read on to learn more about how you can turn your business around by applying an innovative data analytics solution.

How can data analytics drive the travel industry and potentially your company?

1. Analyze the GDP, which sectors have contributed to the industry, and to what extent.

2. Analyze the critical actions performed by your competitors (market analysis).

3. Analyze your actions and strategies vs. the results obtained to optimize efforts.

4. Your consumers’ behavior in social networks and search engines.

5. Find more easily the actions taken by governments, tourism offices, and entities involved in your industry that may favor your commercial development or harm you.

6. Statistically analyze your growth or loss

7. Make future projections about the behavior of your market based on past information (it happens from the moment you implement an intelligent data analysis solution).

8. Identify which actions are good (to reinforce them) and which are not (to improve them).

9. Discover new routes, destinations, or travel intentions (users are constantly changing).

10. Identify new services that you can include in your commercial value proposition.

11. If you wish, even forecast data on future pandemics or disruptions in the global status quo to make provisions for them.

Data analysis as a technological solution can provide many answers that even our human mind cannot understand, and it would not be the first time this has happened. All artificial intelligence algorithms are developed to improve themselves as they obtain more information and suggest new trends or discover things we never imagined without us explaining it because it self-manage their intelligence from the data it collects. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

You can develop a data analysis solution for your tourism business with our team. Please find out how we can help you.

Success stories of data analytics application in the tourism industry

KAYAK integrated with ALEXA skills

This company currently offers its users the possibility to perform a voice search with simple parameters such as:

Alexa, ask KAYAK where can I go on vacation in October for $1,000?”

In response, that person will be able to track flights, book hotels, search for destinations, and take into account the data that Alexa itself collects about him. That’s the promise of KAYAK.

By providing access to information to your customer, you increase the chances of purchase and get valuable information that you can then use to your advantage.

Airlines such as United Airlines and even airports, such as Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, use big data and data analysis to detect fraud and errors in flight allocation, analyze customer behavior and even measure customer satisfaction through the data generated every time they use their services.

This may sound invasive, but it is the opportunity to improve your users’ experience through personalization, which seems to be the critical factor for future success.

Do you want to know how we apply AI and data analytics solutions with our partners?

Let us schedule a no-obligation exploratory meeting if you feel attracted by the results you can enjoy. And if not, you can also contact us to know the scope and even the profit you could generate from implementing an intelligent data analysis solution in your tourism company.

We are sure it will be a before and after.


Is Artificial Intelligence related to Cybersecurity? The Answer Here

Analyzing and strengthening the cybersecurity of a business system today is beyond human capabilities. There are more and more advances in automated and bot-borne cyber-attacks! How to respond? With a similar strategy as a customized artificial intelligence solution to strengthen your company’s cybersecurity. Read on if you are interested. ⬇️​

Why artificial intelligence and machine learning have become essential for enterprise cybersecurity?

As we explained in a previous post about the benefits of artificial intelligence for your business, the most outstanding point of the technology is handling, analyzing, and storing excessive amounts of data beyond what an average human can. 

Thanks to data coverage, artificial intelligence solutions focused on a company’s cybersecurity can identify many types of threats, from malware that exploits zero-day vulnerabilities to identifying risky behavior of human teams that could lead to a phishing attack.
Artificial intelligence sees and analyzes everything, and you can leverage this to your company’s advantage.

Other benefits of artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

  • You can perform predictive analysis of attacks based on language processing and curation of content entering the company’s communication channels—for example, articles, news, studies, etc. 
  • Perform obsolescence analysis of the company’s systems and even schedule updates on time. 
  • If you have a remote team, an artificial intelligence solution could extend protection even to those endpoints, representing the weak link in the chain, not because they are in skills, but because they work from a network that you cannot control (in theory).

Application of AI in cybersecurity

Remember that AI is ultra-complex algorithms developed to solve incognitas or problems. This same principle is applied to cybersecurity. 

Some specific applications of this technology within your organization are the following:

  1. Perform periodic inventories of IT assets, i.e., all devices, users, and applications with access to sensitive information sources. 
  1. Provide knowledge and updated analysis of the latest attack technologies (even automated). 
  1. Adequate cybersecurity point controls, i.e., understanding the strengths and vulnerabilities of your systems and even your team members, to make them less prone to cyber-attacks. 
  1. Risk prediction 
  1. Incident response. In case of attacks, you can have an artificial intelligence tool to counteract the effects. In other words, an “intelligent” defense protocol. 

Some examples (early adopters) of artificial intelligence for cybersecurity

Google: specifically with Gmail, using for years automatic learning protocols to understand your habits, language, preferred contacts, as well as dubious, possibly malicious emails, etc. 

IBM: with its Watson platform, they use cognitive learning for threat detection. 

Balbix Security Cloud is a platform that performs observations and analysis to provide continuous and real-time risk predictions, risk-based vulnerability management, and control of security breaches in systems.

These are just three commercial solutions, but the alternative of developing a customized tool is always on the table. In the end, it is an option tailored to your company’s needs. 

Do we believe that artificial intelligence will completely dominate the enterprise cybersecurity landscape?

We think so because it complements and facilitates security teams’ work and has a real-time and even predictive coverage of cyberattacks, superior to the human one. 

Intelligent cybersecurity solutions are becoming more and more popular, and we aim for this 100%. 

We have a team trained in the field to support you with this task. Contact us if you want to start planning your artificial intelligence solution for your company’s cybersecurity today. 


Do I Need an Artificial Intelligence Solution for My Business? Benefits of developing one

Do I Need an Artificial Intelligence Solution for My Business?

The answer: 57% of 1843 companies worldwide use and leverage artificial intelligence in their operational and marketing processes after the impact of the pandemic, and all claim a company grew and more productivity at least 5% after its implementation. 

This information is actual, and you can check it in the McKinsey & Co. 2021 Global Artificial Intelligence Survey, one of the most respected in the industry. 

Now! Do you consider it essential to implement an artificial intelligence solution in your business? We think so. Here are some other facts that support the idea.

What Can an Artificial Intelligence Solution Do for Your Business?

Artificial intelligence is an algorithm developed to assimilate human activities, such as problem-solving, learning, creativity, planning, and reasoning, among others. 

It is intelligent software development. Sometimes, these algorithms are implemented in machines or robots, focused on learning (machine learning), or incorporate hardware and software interconnected thanks to the internet (IoT). 

No matter which AI solution you apply in your business, you will be able to enjoy in general:

✅​Automation of processes (repetitive ones)

✅​Decreasement in the margin of error 

✅​Reduction of operating costs

✅​Improved customer service

✅​More efficient information management

✅​Real-time monitoring of your operations from anywhere in the world 

​​✅​Greater efficiency and effectiveness in your processes.

Specific benefits of AI for businesses

1. Why does AI in my business increase efficiency and productivity?

Technology tools can manage tasks on a scale that humans cannot. 

They can work indefinitely, more accurately handle the completion of repetitive operations, and automate previously manual tasks. 

Putting these qualities into a human-driven production process makes the result more efficient and effective. 

This does not mean that artificial intelligence solutions replace human labor. Instead, they complement it and make it less error-prone.

2. AI speeds up all activities, including ROI

Making the work more efficient reduces the time from step 1 to the commercial phase. 

If you produce and sell faster, your return on investment will also come sooner. 

By having shorter production and commercial cycles, your customers will be more satisfied. Immediacy is the most outstanding quality of the new era of consumption.

Users want everything right now. Do you feel ready to take on that challenge? If the answer is no, an artificial intelligence solution can help you be.

3. AI provides efficient information management and opens up business opportunities

One of the most exciting aspects of artificial intelligence solutions is the ability to store, access, and, above all, interpret process data. 

This quality allows you to access at any time and to have performance statistics to reinforce critical aspects and know the development of your operational and commercial processes with greater detail and precision. 

It also allows you to analyze where are new sources of revenue for your company. 

For example: if you are a tourism company, with the help of artificial intelligence, you could perform predictive analysis of your customers’ purchases and segment them by destinations/seasons of the year, among other aspects that may be escaping your and your team’s sight.

This way, you can make strategic decisions that allow you to create new packages or offers according to your consumers’ behavior. 

Implementing an artificial intelligence software solution is a win-win strategy.

4. Artificial intelligence in my business can improve customer service

The difference between a productive and well-positioned company, and one that is not, usually falls in customer service. 

How can artificial intelligence support you with this work? 

You can develop a tool to load all the data you have about your customer, including their profiles, interests, etc., and get new solutions from it.

Another idea is the generation of chatbots to attend to customers’ requests on time. Or create a tool with which your customer can track their order/shipment, and so on. 

There are many other possibilities to develop and improve your consumers’ experience with your brand. Artificial intelligence facilitates this path and digitally transforms your company to increase customer satisfaction. 

Are you ready to start?

5. Supervision and follow-up of activities is a piece of cake

The best thing about artificial intelligence as a technology solution for businesses is its ability to collect and process massive amounts of data in real-time, allowing you to track that data. 

With an AI software tool, you can detect problems with machines, bottlenecks in your process, when equipment maintenance is needed, the cybersecurity status of your infrastructure, and the options are almost endless. 

You can access this information quickly and easily, and sometimes even from your mobile phone. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

6. Algorithms make fewer mistakes than people

Some repetitive and detailed tasks are prone to errors, for example, administration and accounting operations. 

With an artificial intelligence tool integrated into a solution such as RPA (robotic process automation), it is possible to speed up these processes and reduce the margin of human error. 

In this way, we achieve that the human team takes care of the most complex tasks, while these tools can deploy the repetitive ones.

7. Artificial intelligence facilitates and improves the experience and management of human capital

This idea is closely related to the previous one. Suppose we use artificial intelligence tools in those tasks that underutilize human skills. 

In that case, it is possible to expand the allocation of human talent to complex and essential activities that require human judgment. 

Artificial intelligence solutions are even used to measure employee feelings, identify and retain high performers, and determine fair compensation.

What do you think about these 7 reasons to invest in an artificial intelligence solution for your company? 
If you have already decided to implement it, we invite you to contact us and make a consultation with our specialists. Dividev is a digital company that helps organizations that want to innovate and achieve their technological transformation, including artificial intelligence for businesses. Do you dare to take advantage of its benefits?

You don’t need to keep asking yourself the question Do I need artificial intelligence for my business?


The US-Based Software Solutions Firm Has Gone From Small Beginnings to Being Recognized as one of the top artificial intelligence companies in Florida at GoodFirms

Working with an innovative methodology of production, updation, or adaptation of information systems burgeons Dividato as one of the top software development service providers in Florida at GoodFirms.

View Dividato’s GoodFirms’ profile to know more about its robust services.

Overview of the Company

Rich in proffering software development solutions to the clients in different geographies, Dividato incepted in 1998 is based in the USA. With its parent company in the USA, Dividato specializes in AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Custom Software Developments, among others, working with experienced consultants from its software delivery centers in Latin America. It offers services to the clients of both – emerging companies & large enterprises in the US, Europe, Australia, and Latin America. The professionals of the company with 20 years of experience developing software of proven quality for clients from multiple sectors. The team enables the clients to overcome any current technical challenges to increase the ROI of the clients’ business. The professionals at Dividato works as a remote team to give the best possible solutions to the clients.

GoodFirms’ Research Process

GoodFirms’ is an online research and analysis platform that helps the service seekers to find the best ally through it’s authentic research process that is based on factors like – Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, GoodFirms research team also evaluated Dividato and found it to be the leading software and mobile app development service providers in Florida and Argentina, respectively. The team also asserted that Dividato would tap into the list of top web development service providers at GoodFirms.

The evaluation report for Dividato by the GoodFirms’ team is further segmented into the below sections –

Comprehensive Software Development

Dividato’s extensive software development services support the clients by satisfying all of their technical needs. The professionals at Dividato converge on providing quality software development solutions and services to its habitues by using the most modern technologies and methods. The software development projects designed by the developers’ team looks great, loads fast, and run sleekly across any platforms. The panel of front-end software developers at Dividato forms interfaces with high accuracy that is accepted by the clients. Furthermore, a unit of software developers is highly armed and endured to comprehend the client’s logic, and business aims to bring forward smart software solutions. It is evident from the points mentioned above that Dividato has seized its position among the top software developers in Florida at GoodFirms.

Analyzing Data Through AI

Dividato comprises of certified experts that can help clients explore the best AI opportunities to obtain new markets, grow revenue, enhance profitability, and expand brand reach. As an end-to-end software development provider, the unit recognizes the promise of this game-changing intelligent platform integration, designed to maximize internal efficiency, analyze data effectively, and enhance the customer experience. Using top-graded AI technologies, such as machine learning, the experts at Dividato performs all the tasks with the latest languages and programming tools. The experts have mastery in R, Python, and Hadoop. Dividato, as one of the top artificial intelligence companies in Florida, renders custom software solutions to the business people who are experienced enough to concoct high volume data along with the expertise to manage complex algorithms. Furthermore, the team also seeks to develop machine intelligence that can turn their hands to any task just like humans do.

Leveraging new approaches in the web development process

The proficient team at Dividato creates appealing websites for the clients’ business as per their requirements that compel the users to become their life-long purchasers. The web developers’ team at Dividato offers front and back end development along with the structural ability to satisfy the clients’ requirements and to fasten the delivery speed. Thus, by following a standardized process for creating websites would soon endow Dividato as one of the top web development companies at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C. based GoodFirms is a maverick B2B research and reviews firm that aligns its efforts in finding the top web and mobile app development companies delivering unparalleled services to its clients. GoodFirms’ extensive research process ranks the companies, boosts their online reputation and helps service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs.

About the Author

Anna Stark is presently working as a Content Writer with GoodFirms – Washington D.C. based B2B Research Company, which bridges the gap between service seekers and service providers. Anna’s current role lingers to shape every company’s performance and key attributes into words. She firmly believes in the magic of words and equips new strategies that work, always in with ideas, something new to carve, and something original to decorate the firm’s identity.